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    Children's Bible Basics series

    Published by Moody Press, Illinois, USA, 1995 

    Worldwide co-edition organised and produced by Angus Hudson Ltd. 


    What is the Bible? What is a Christian? What is prayer? Some of the trickier questions about our faith can come from our children. As adults, we want to make sure we can answer their questions in ways they can readily understand. These carefully worded and beautifully illustrated books offer simple but direct answers and are a great way to interact with your children on biblical truths. Written especially for young ones beginning a relationship with God.


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    Bibles and Devotionals

    Published by various Publishers


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    General Christian books

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    Books for children to encourage them to think more deeply about the wonders of the world and its creator. Ideal to be read aloud. 


    Featured books:

    Have you Ever Wondered? and A Special World

    Published by Eagle Books, 2002


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    Published by various including Early Learning Centre and WH Smith


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